Chris Reeves


Hi I’m Chris. I’m a podcast host/producer/editor, voice over artist, musician and marketing consultant. I also like basketball, animation, curry, pizza and video games. 


Podcast Productions

Multiple MarketScale Podcasts (produce, host and edit for MarketScale)

We-Speak Caribbean (produce and edit for Caribbean Export Development Agency)

The Journey (produce and edit for American Pianists Association)

Women in Law On The Record (edit for Women in Law OTR)

Looking for Lightning (Host, produce and edit for KCRW’s Radio Race 2019)

Sentenced To Life (Edit and Promote for New Media Productions)

Engineering Hangout (Host, produce and edit for Templarbit)

Mobile Interactions Now (Host, produce and edit for Tyntec)

Virtual Frontier (Host, produce and edit for Flash Hub)

Verto Verdict (Host, produce and edit)

Creative Block (Host, produce and edit. Ended Feb 2017 )

1 Star Review (Host, produce, edit. Ended May 2017)

Podcast Appearances

Your Creative Push episode 162

Gilmore or Less




Email me at hello at chrisreev.es or contact me via Upwork

 I’m always available to hear about projects and figure out how we can work together. 

I’m also available to answer any questions about podcasting, advertising/marketing or starting a business on Ko-fi. 

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com